Our Team


Ian Halfpenny

Founder & Software Developer

Ian is the founder of Halfpenny Software & has over 10 years combined Software Development experience. Ian enjoys learning, teaching and leading with positivity.



Kevin Barrell

Lead Designer

Kevin is a graphic designer that enjoys finding creative solutions to real world problems. Working for multiple clients has allowed him to develop a wide variety of program and design skills in order to suit their design needs.



Ehtish Mubarek

DevOps Engineer

Ehtish completed his BS in Computer Science from FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad Pakistan. His interests are in Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment and Containerization.



Cody Thrasher

Sales Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing professional with over 3 years experience in real-estate, land and software technology industries. Dedicated to growing key client relationships with attention on product and organizational tech success


John Koveleski V

Project Manager

John holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cyber Security from the Unversity of North Carolina at Charlotte. He enjoys managing projects and facilitating excellent client project relationships.


Alan Brockway

IT Security Audit Consultant

Experienced in IT security auditing and mitigating IT risk, hands-on network and cloud architecture security, policy development and compliance, developing enterprise security analytics software, and vulnerability assessment



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Common Questions

Typical questions our clients have

  • How long will it take to deliver my project?

    Typically for marketing websites and smaller projects our time-frame is one week. For larger projects such as web or mobile apps initial delivery can take a month from order date. We provide our clients with updated milestone trackers for their project's build progression each step of the way.

  • What payment methods are accepted and when is my payment due?

    We accept all major payment providers (Debit, Credit and Bank Transfers). Initial project down-payment will be collected as a retainer to begin work on your project. Each milestone progression payment will be collected with client satisfaction approval.

  • Where is my project hosted at?

    We use all major cloud hosting providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean. If you have a preference on the hosting provider that can be selected in your client portal.

  • How will my project be custom designed?

    Our team of in-house designers will have you complete a design questionnaire in your client portal. We work to ensure your design matches your business look and feel.

  • On-going support and maintenance

    If you choose to partner with Halfpenny to manage your tech after project completion a service agreement contract for on-going maintenance will be in effect. Major project overhauls or additions will require a new development contract agreement.

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